Golden Sun

A jeweled pet tortoise

Is my hybrid

His shell tooled by a jeweler

Walks on my carpet

A floral design

Like Japanese curio

It seemed like a gold sun that sparkled on snow

Rubies emeralds and sapphires

Cold fire on its back

On my oriental rug

A solitary attack

It was cruel and I knew it

Un-natural as me

To place jewels on my tortoise

From sheer vanity

I had a gold sun indoors

With cylon cats eyes

A sultan’s plum rubies

And dancing sapphires

I had a gold sun indoors

Watching it die

All of it vanity all of it vanity

All of it lies

Ruby blues and deep greens

The stones cut by his art

This jeweler who's purple

Like a broken heart

I watched how the windows

Turned to ice flowers on fire

Like a vaporous rainbow

My frozen desire

It lay still for an hour

My gold tortoise lay dead

Pushed into a corner

With retracted head

Something died in me too

The weird need to subject

A natural born creature

To refined intellect

I had a gold sun indoors

With celon cats eyes....